Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display

My Macbook Pro recently arrived and while I'll miss the slightly smaller form factor of the Macbook Air, it essentially addresses all of my concerns with the Air (and unfortunately adds another, non-Air concern).  Not having resigned myself yet to sloth, receding hairlines, and a thickening gut (thanks, skateboarding), I can deal with a pound or so of extra weight.

Read the reviews--the machine is super fast and the display is fantastic--almost.  Having paid $1300 to upgrade the Macbook Air's SSD, the 768GB option in the Macbook Pro is fantastic, as is having 16GB of RAM and better virtualization support because of the up-to-date i7 processor.

For viewing photos, etc. the new display is absolutely spectacular.  The one issue--and my only complaint at all about this otherwise "best ever" laptop--is the glossy display.  It attracts reflections like fruit flies on day old watermelon and mars an otherwise amazing computer for people who like a shades-up lifestyle. Luckily, the keyboard is backlit--plan on working in the dark or with the windows closed when the reflections loom.